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We have two businesses at
Down Leah’s Lane.

First, we are a full-service
Pinterest Marketing agency
, that will expertly provide you with Done-For-You Pinterest Marketing, so you don’t have to worry or do “another thing” while running your business.

Our second business, home design, is a passion project from our founder, Leah.
She loves all things home design, designing and building projects, interior and exterior design, and life on their family farm.
She’s sharing project plans, guides, and home decor selections for you to enjoy. 

Values that lead us


Honesty and Grit

At the core of our business is honesty. Even if we don’t have an answer to your question, or an answer to a tech glitch, we will always be honest and tell you so.

Grit is the second part of our equation. We investigate, learn, and try until we figure it out.


Bespoke and Boutique

Providing customized services and personalized touches to you and your business is our primary focus.

In order to do this, we only work with a select number of partners and businesses that we truly believe in.

This allows us to give you our utmost effort and service.


Partners, not clients

Our primary focus is on you, your business, and providing you with highly personalized service.

When we work together, we truly feel like partners in your business. You are not just another account to us, we are partners, and we strive to help you succeed.


Think Outside the Box

Change is constant.

Thinking outside the box and being willing and able to adapt to change allows us to navigate the ever-changing climate of online marketing, and let’s be honest…life!

How Crazy Twists in Life Created these Businesses.

Hi there!

Welcome to my world! I’m so excited you’re here!

My life has been a wild adventure of twists and turns, but they have lead me to this point and to meeting you!

For that, I’m so thankful!

I’ve been called a Renaissance Woman, and that truly puts the biggest smile on my face! 

I’m a 5th generation family farmer, with a BS in Animal Science, and yep, I still drive tractors and help on the farm when I have time.

I started blogging about our home building experience and learning how to share my story using Pinterest.

I quickly realized Pinterest marketing made sense to me, and besides enjoying it, I was actually pretty good at it.

So I immersed myself in the world of online marketing, specifically Pinterest marketing, began helping clients, and fell in love with the process.

New Home at Down Leah's Lane

I fell in love with helping other people share their talents, gifts, products, and services. 

I’ve seen so many talented people create amazing things or have an amazing ability to help others, yet they don’t know how or have the time to market their talents. 

That’s how I can help you.

For successful visionary CEOs and businesses, we provide Done-For-You, Full-Service Pinterest Management for your business so you don’t have to worry about another “thing.”

Down Leah's Lane provides Done-For-You Pinterest Marketing Services

Our life took an amazing turn when we were forced to demolish our home (which was also my childhood farmhouse) due to toxic mold that was making us extremely ill. 

Demolishing 100 yr old farmhouse that had mold.
Tearing down 100 year old family home due to mold toxicity

For those interested in building a custom home, interior design, home decor, and bespoke project plans join us on the Home Design side of this website.

I’m a woman who truly loves learning, sharing, and helping you grow in your home and business.  


Let’s have some fun and build our businesses and homes…one step at a time! 

xo, Leah

us 3 headshot
Mark, Leah and Mallory Reinert

Our team of Big Thinkers

Down Leah's Lane The Reinerts

Leah Reinert

Founder & Pinterest Marketing Expert

Enneagram 5 (Investigator)
Constantly designing projects for Mark to build!
Espresso & Cinnamon Roll addict

Mark and Mallory Reinert

Support crew for Leah!

Mark: master woodworker & ultimate handyman

Mallory: Leah’s mini-me & design consultant (seriously the girl’s got an amazing eye for design!)

Monica Wellik

Pinterest Account Guru

Victoria Schmidt

Pinterest Scheduling Ninja

See our ideas come to life

Join us on both sides of our website!

woodworking using drill to build a custom modern industrial bedframe
Mark building custom bed frame
custom dog house by Mark & Leah Reinert
Nora enjoying her custom dog house Mark built
Down Leahs Lane Leah Reinert White Macaubus Quartzite Countertop Guide
We found "the One" - picking out Countertops is Leah's favorite thing!

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Reach out to us with any questions you may have regarding either Pinterest Marketing Services or Home Design!


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