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Why You Need to use pinterest for your business

While platforms like Instagram and Facebook are about the past or present,

Pinterest is about the future

Let's get the facts

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What it is

It offers your business the ability to showcase your knowledge, products, and/or services by providing solutions and inspiration to your ideal client.

Pins on Pinterest are continually being saved and repinned, thus they are continually relevant and do not have an expiration date.
Pins can a have a shelf life of YEARS (compared to hours on Facebook and Instagram) 


Nine out of ten Pinners described Pinterest as a place of positivity.
Pinners are looking for inspiration, motivation, creativity, and be informed on how to’s and purchases. 

Pinterest demographics are up 40% year-over-year for Gen Z Pinners and 35% for Millennials. 
80% of US Millenial women are on Pinterest.
60% of users are women, male users are up 50% year-over-year

64% of Pinners described Pinterest as a place to find ideas, products, or services they can trust. 

what it is not

…and this is what makes it so unique and great!
It’s not just about just sharing what we’ve experienced, but more about collecting ideas for what we want to experience, do, become, and buy.

Pins are evergreen (they can be relevant for years); the flip side of this is it takes time for the images and keywords on a pin to register with Pinterest’s AI. 
If you’re looking for a “quick fix” to your marketing strategy, Pinterest won’t fit the bill. Instead, if you invest in Pinterest for the long haul, it will return great benefits to you. 

The Creator Code states that all Pinterest users must adhere to the following rules:

  • Be kind and don’t post content for the sake of insulting or upsetting others.
  • Fact-check content to help reduce the spread of misinformation.
  • Practice inclusion by never deliberately excluding different groups and/or communities.
  • Make sure that all calls-to-action and challenges are safe to ensure no harm is caused.

Pinterest’s also enforces its Creator Code. They clearly are prioritizing users’ mental wellbeing while also inspiring creativity and encouraging responsibility.

Yes, the average user is female. But according to Pinterest, the male audience has grown 40% year-over-year.

DIY is huge on Pinterest, but Pinners are also there to inform their purchase decisions. 
40% of Pinners have a household income of 100k+ and 37% have a college degree. 

Get The facts

Pinterest's Stats

Pinterest may not be in the headlines like Facebook and Instagram, but it is a powerful platform. 

Views each Month

Searches every Month

Purchasing Decisions




Household Income


Give time back to your business with our Done-For-You Pinterest Marketing Services.

Customized Pinterest Marketing Strategy

We know that every business is unique, and that means every Pinterest account needs to be customized. 

Working with accounts for years, we’ve learned there is no “cookie-cutter” strategy that will yield the same results for every niche. 

Every business, every niche, must have a custom approach to see success. 

That’s what we do for you. 

We treat each client as a partner. When you work with us, we invest our every effort and strategy into your account. We feel like a part of your business family, and will continually customize your strategy to fit your needs. 

The "How To's" of Pinterest Marketing

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