Modern Farmhouse Sprawl Floor Plan

Don’t stress! finding the perfect floor plan for your new house is Fun!!! When meeting your architect for the first time, it really helps to have an idea of a floor plan you like. One of A Kind Floor Plan 62773DJ source Second Floor to the One of a Kind House Plan 62773DJ source […]

Finding Your Perfect Floor Plan for Your New House

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Inspiration fo Down Leah's Lane's new Modern Farmhouse. Source Pinterest via

Inspiration for our new Modern Farmhouse. Source Pinterest via Are you thinking of building a new house? it’s hard to know where to start! In this series, I’m sharing our process and hopefully help answer some of your questions! Tip #1: play around online & find houses you like The first thing I did […]

Thinking of Building a New House, Where do You Start?

House Tours and Ideas

Build a Dark Modern Farmhouse Down Leah's Lane

part 2 of why we built a modern farmhouse Here’s a quick recap for you: we suddenly became ill with strange symptoms. (click here for Part 1) After some investigation, we discovered our 100 year farmhouse (that I grew up in) was growing mold in the attic. Below is a picture of the mold (black […]

Why we built a Modern Farmhouse – Part 2

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