modern white kitchen with white beam ceiling white subway tile wall dark stone countertop and grey gray tile floor wicker globe pendants

Studio McGee do white kitchens always have wood flooring? This was a question from a Follower who was struggling to find a design idea for their kitchen remodel project. My Answer: Nope they don’t! While the majority of White Kitchens often have wood flooring, There are many stunning kitchens that use: marble luxury vinyl tiles […]

23 White Kitchens Without Wood Floors

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Nordaas American Homes Modern Farmhouse white ranch house

Not to cause panic, but this decision could make or break your building experience! You hear the horror stories all the time, the nightmares of building a house. I had heard them too, and was concerned about how this was going to go. I kinda like my husband, and didn’t really like the idea of […]

Choosing a Builder for Your New House.

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awesome modern french country white house exterior

Here’s your complete guide to finding your house style. So relax and scroll through this post to find your favorite. Don’t overthink this exercise, let it be fun!! When your finger naturally stops scrolling, that’s a good indication you’ve found a house that feels like “home.” When I do this, my brain and body naturally […]

A Complete Guide to Finding Your House Style.

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Demolishing 100 yr old farmhouse that had mold.

Why We built a modern farmhouse The Conclusion (and a new beginning) Mold growing on the outside (and likely inside) of our hot furnace. This is the conclusion to why we built a new modern farmhouse.  Actually, I like to think of it as a new beginning.  Here’s a quick recap in case you missed […]

Why We Built a Modern Farmhouse . (The Conclusion and a New Beginning)

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building a modern farmhouse

It was so weird. I was careful what I ate, I lifted weights, I generally tried to take care of myself.  But suddenly, I was sick, and not with just one aliment. My medical records were filling up fast…scary fast. Long story short, from January to June 2017 I had developed a multitude of unexplainable […]

Why we Built A Modern Farmhouse – Part 1

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