black polished granite countertop on natural alder cabinets with purple to pink gradient background with overlay or white and black words. 13 Granite countertop styles to help you choose which style is the one you'll love in your new house or remodel projects.

I’ve compiled some granite designs below to help you choose a style you’ll love if you want a natural stone countertop, but are afraid of the maintenance of softer stones, go for granite! I’m truly obsessed with countertops! So I’m more than happy to write a post dedicated to granite styles and designs! Go For […]

How Do You Choose a Granite Style You’ll Love?

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10 Marble styes you will fall in love with! Here's a post showing how marble countertops can be used to create different designs and styles for your home. White marble with taupe veins is background to a black circle with text of blog post in it. Top ten styles for marble countertops

Marble countertops come in a variety of styles and create many different design options. Lucky for you, i’m a self proclaimed countertop aficionado! I’m more than happy to write a post for you! Here are 10 marble styles you will fall in love with! What to expect with marble Luxury is the word that usually […]

10 Marble Styles You Will Fall in Love With

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modern white kitchen with white beam ceiling white subway tile wall dark stone countertop and grey gray tile floor wicker globe pendants

Studio McGee do white kitchens always have wood flooring? This was a question from a Follower who was struggling to find a design idea for their kitchen remodel project. My Answer: Nope they don’t! While the majority of White Kitchens often have wood flooring, There are many stunning kitchens that use: marble luxury vinyl tiles […]

23 White Kitchens Without Wood Floors

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Modern Farmhouse Sprawl Floor Plan

Don’t stress! finding the perfect floor plan for your new house is Fun!!! When meeting your architect for the first time, it really helps to have an idea of a floor plan you like. One of A Kind Floor Plan 62773DJ source Second Floor to the One of a Kind House Plan 62773DJ source […]

Finding Your Perfect Floor Plan for Your New House

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Demolishing 100 yr old farmhouse that had mold.

Why We built a modern farmhouse The Conclusion (and a new beginning) Mold growing on the outside (and likely inside) of our hot furnace. This is the conclusion to why we built a new modern farmhouse.  Actually, I like to think of it as a new beginning.  Here’s a quick recap in case you missed […]

Why We Built a Modern Farmhouse . (The Conclusion and a New Beginning)

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