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black polished granite countertop on natural alder cabinets with purple to pink gradient background with overlay or white and black words. 13 Granite countertop styles to help you choose which style is the one you'll love in your new house or remodel projects.

How Do You Choose a Granite Style You’ll Love?

Filed in Bathroom, House Tours and Ideas, Interiors, Kitchens, Our House — October 4, 2019

I've compiled some granite designs below to help you choose a style you'll love

if you want a natural stone countertop, but are afraid of the maintenance of softer stones, go for granite!

I'm truly obsessed with countertops!

So I'm more than happy to write a post dedicated to granite styles and designs!

black polished granite countertop on natural alder cabinets with purple to pink gradient background with overlay or white and black words. 13 Granite countertop styles to help you choose which style is the one you'll love in your new house or remodel projects.

Go For Granite

Go for granite!

If you’re like, “I don’t want the maintenance of marble, I don’t love the price or look of quartzite, but I want something that natural and easy to take care of…” go for granite!!

Granite comes in soooo many colors, designs and looks (not to mention all the finish options…I’ll do an entire blog post on finishes)!! So literally there is a granite slab out there for everyone!

It’s a denser stone, so to me, it looks “harder,” more like stone. What do I mean by that? It often has a “rock” or “speckled” look.  

It’s super dense, easy to care for and lower priced than marble, quartzite and even man-made quartz…so give granite a thoughtful look!

I chose a black polished granite for my daughter’s bathroom and I love it with her penny tile flooring! So nostalgic!! (She picked the pink fluffy rugs, some things I just gotta let go)! Haha!!

  • natural stone
  • harder density – should not scratch easily
  • will not stain as easily – probably one of the hardest natural stones to stain 
  • resistant to heat – but I still use hot pads just in case!
  • comes in a variety of colors and designs…like I’m talking A LOT of choices!!
  • can have a “rock” or “speckled” look – it’s a denser stone, and it looks like a denser stone.
  • needs sealed – seal it every 3-5 years to give it added protection. Sealing is not a big deal, just something to remember to do.
  • can be buffed – if it gets a scratch, it can be buffed out.
  • lower price point – it’s often priced lower than marble, quartzite & even man-made quartz & porcelain. Avg cost: $50-125 per/sqft

granite ~ style and design options

Black granite

I actually chose several black granite pieces for our home.

One has delicate white movement (veining / swirls) in it, and has a polished finish for our daughter’s bathroom.

Another looks almost solid black but the finish is honed (which is a matte like finish). I used this on my perimeter countertop because I didn’t want it to “compete” with my island White Macaubus quartzite. It accomplishes exactly that.

Both have very different “feels” which I love. 

black countertops don't have to be paired with just white cabinets
below you will see various cabinet colors working beautifully with black countertops
Black Granite with white accents polished bathroom countertop and black and white penny tile with natural alder cabinets
Black Granite with white accents via Down Leahs Lane
White Macaubus Countertop Island and Honed Black Granite Perimeter with gray grey farmhouse sink and matte black brizo faucet
White Macaubus Island with Honed Black Granite via Down Leahs Lane
Black honed granite with soft white movement swirls in it.
Honed Black Granite
A classic white cabinet kitchen with black granite countertops and reclaimed wood beams on the ceiling. Lantern lighting over the island tops off this classic farmhouse kitchen style.
Black granite countertops in a white kitchen. via rounddecor.com
Perfection design here with black granite countertops, custom stain white oak cabinets and marble tile backsplash and hood vent. Brass fixtures, open shelving and wood flooring add the finishing touches to this stunning kitchen.
Black countertop on white oak cabinets via HomeBunch.com via Veranda Estate Homes
Black granite countertop with thick edge on top of black countertops makes a great contrast to the white walls, ceiling and windows of this open concept kitchen.
Polished black granite countertop via @rounddecor

Granite comes in so many colors!

It would be nearly impossible for me to give you an example of every color granite comes in! The earth makes some amazing granite pieces!

Granite tends to be more uniform amongst slabs (unlike marble), but variations are still present depending on how that particular stone was formed in the mountain. For example the two examples of Delicatus White below are both called “Delicatus White” yet have different looks.

Below are just a few examples of the different colors and styles that granite can come in. Basically you can find a color and tone for just about any “look” you are wanting in granite. 

A beautiful granite countertop with hints of blue and brown make it a perfect match for a traditional or farmhouse white kitchen. The hints of brown are pulled with the dark stained range wood hood. Mont Bleu Polished Granite is always a great choice for your countertop.
Mont Bleu Granite Countertop via Amusm & Ash // photo by LandMark
This salone grey and white granite adds the perfect grey cool tone to this traditional yet slightly modern kitchen. This granite has lots of movement, swirls and depth which is a great contrast against the bright red island seating.
Salone Granite polished countertop via Amusm & Ash // photo by LandMark
Delicatus White Granite polished countertop in traditional french country cream white kitchen
Delicatus White Granite via Amsum & Ash // photo by LandMark
Delicatus White granite is a true statement piece in this kitchen design. With blacks, browns, tans and whites, this countertop can be used with almost any color cabinetry for a traditional to modern style kitchen.
Delicatus White Granite via Pinterest
A grey and white polished granite makes a perfect countertop for a basement wet bar. Set with dark lower cabinets, open shelving and a reclaimed wood wall makes for a perfect lounge area.
Granite Polished Wet Bar Countertop via The Stone Shop
A beautiful tan and brown polished granite countertop that is set on gorgeous cherry cabinets. Stainless steel appliances and chrome fixtures complete the traditional kitchen style.
Tan Brown Granite via Amsum & Ash
Himalayan White granite countertops give such a classy traditional feel to this stunning kitchen design. Using a grey and white base countertop allows the designer to use pops of color anytime and gives unlimited design options.
Himalayan White Granite countertop via heartofturquoise.com


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I’d love to know if these posts are helpful and what you need more information on!

still not sure which countertop is right for you?

Check out my complete guide to stone countertops where I compare all the major stone countertop options.

How to choose the granite style you'll love! Here are 13 granite countertop designs that you can look through to help you choose the perfect style for your new house or remodel.
black polished granite countertop on natural alder cabinets with purple to pink gradient background with overlay or white and black words. 13 Granite countertop styles to help you choose which style is the one you'll love in your new house or remodel projects.
Ideas for granite designs and styles to help you choose the countertop you'll love! I love countertops and can't wait to share these beautiful granite pieces with you.

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