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Top 5 Home Design Trends to Admire and Adore in 2021

Filed in House Tours and Ideas — January 10, 2021

With our “normal” turned upside down in 2020, comfort in our homes has become a big focus for people in their home design for 2021.

This design feel will continue into 2021, along with homes that are functional with multipurpose spaces and warm color tones to keep us feeling cozy.

Think Pottery Barn 2021 version. Layers, warm tones, and even warm accent walls. Yep, I’m talking wallpaper folks.


1. Dedicated Home Office Space

I’ve worked from home for several years, so when we built our custom home a couple years ago, a large/den office was a must.

Even before COVID, we spent most of our time in this room. Needless to say, I’m a huge fan of a big, functional office.

However, many people suddenly found themselves working from their dining room tables or islands. That’s definitely not a long term solution, and people are getting super creative in creating office spaces throughout their homes.

Here are a few fun ideas (and hint, hint…a more detailed post all about home offices is coming soon).

It’s totally cool to add a desk to an area of your home that you really aren’t using yet…like a corner of a living room.

Go for a desk with simple lines or even a secretariat desk to add functioning office space and yet keep your room stylish.

Resources: Finding the Perfect Floor Plan For Your New House

Speaking of utilizing every square foot of your house, check out this awesome DIY transformation! Closet to office, a ‘cloffice’!!

awesome ‘cloffice’ designed and built by myfarmhouseish.com

2. Clearly Defined Spaces

Raise your hand if you have an open floor plan in your home.

Now raise your hand if having so few walls didn’t work out so well during the high lockdown of COVID.

Many people found out that when the whole family is stuck at home together for months on end, working, homeschooling, and relaxing is a bit challenging when you don’t have walls separating those activities and people.

Resource : Shop my Collection of Room Screens and Dividers

glass room divider with a swinging door by The Sliding Door Company
pin this for later

Resources: A Complete Guide to Finding Your House Style

3. Outdoor Living

How amazing was Spring this year?! Especially if you live somewhere like we do with a hard and long Winter. Spring time during COVID was such a blessing!

As a Pinterest Marketer, I witnessed the huge spike in people searching for Outdoor Living Ideas and Designs.

It’s no wonder…we still had to remain at home during quarantine, but we had looked at our house walls inside long enough and really needed some outside fresh air.

shop my favorite outdoor furniture
Incredible DIY Outdoor Kitchen by Aniko of Place of My Taste

4. Cozy Decor

Remember how I said earlier, think Pottery Barn Version 2021?

When it comes to decor trends in 2021, just like clothing trends, home decor in 2021 is all about feeling comfortable.

So as always, design your interior to fit you first and foremost. But if you’re wondering what falls into the Cozy Decor Trend, think layers, warmer palette colors, wicker furniture, indoor plants, wallpaper, and even granny chic styles! (Wondering what granny-chic style is, hint-hint, a more detailed post about cozy decor will be coming soon).

shop my favorite ottomans and stools
shop my favorite pillows and throws

5. Indoor Plants, Trees, and Mini-Gardens

Sometimes we just can’t be outside in the elements. So people are bringing more plants indoor and even having mini gardens inside!

Not only are indoor plants good for our mental states, but they also help improve the quality of air in your home. It’s a win-win!

I even got my first Bonsai tree for Christmas from my hubby and daughter! We named him “Frank” and he’s adorable! (More to come on Frank as well)!

Not a green thumb? Don’t worry, you’re in good company, I’m not either! Check out my favorite faux plants and greenery!

via A Vintage Splendor via Pinterest

What do you think of the top 5 home design trends for 2021?!

I only have one design rule I always follow.

It doesn’t matter what the current trend is, your home must feel good to you!

So if these 2021 Home Design trends feel good to you, then pile on the layers of mismatched throws and pillows.

Add warm colors, natural woods with grain accents, and personality pieces to your home.

Don’t worry if you have a pile of magazines on your coffee table. Let casual and comfortable surroundings ease your time in your home in 2021.

More details on these home design trends of 2021 coming soon!



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  1. I definitely agree that having an outdoor living space is a good idea to work towards when designing a custom home. Along with making sure we have enough space for home offices, having an outdoor living area could help us unwind and lose some of the monotony of staying inside all day while still remaining safe from danger. I’ll look for any custom home building contractors that can assist us with our project and make sure they know that I’m looking for something like this.

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