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10 Marble styes you will fall in love with! Here's a post showing how marble countertops can be used to create different designs and styles for your home. White marble with taupe veins is background to a black circle with text of blog post in it. Top ten styles for marble countertops

10 Marble Styles You Will Fall in Love With

Filed in Bathroom, House Tours and Ideas, Interiors, Kitchens, My Favorites — September 17, 2019

Marble countertops come in a variety of styles and create many different design options.

I’m more than happy to write a post for you! Here are 10 marble styles you will fall in love with!

10 Marble styes you will fall in love with! Beautiful white carrera marble with grey and taupe veins used as backdrop over gold glitter diagonal stripes with blog post quote overlayed on marble background. down leahs lane blog post.

What to expect with marble

Luxury is the word that usually come to mind when you hear the word marble. Rightly so, it’s the stone used by some of the most beautiful architectural designs in the world.

Does that mean you can’t have marble? Of course not! Plenty of people use marble in all styles and designs of homes! I did not use marble in my new house, but you bet I’m going to try to find a place for a marble slab somewhere in the future…I just love it!

The thing with marble is you have to appreciate the character it will develop over time. As marble is used it will scratch and stain (if not wiped up) and this adds character to the stone. 

If you’re like me and wipe your countertop daily, marble is a completely fine choice for you. Even though marble is higher maintenance, the warmth & individual character each stone brings into your home will never be replicated. 

  • natural stone
  • softer density – it will scratch easier than other materials
  • it will stain if not wiped up/cleaned up in a timely matter
  • resistant to heat – this means it can tolerate something hot being set directly on it
  • comes in a variety of colors and designs
  • often has “movement” – this is the term countertop people use to describe gentle waves & swirls throughout the slab
  • considered a “luxury” item
  • can be refinished over time – it you don’t like the natural character it’s developed, it can be refinished to get a “new” look again
  • higher price point (if not the highest) of countertop materials. Avg cost: $70-$200 per/sqft

Marble ~ Style and design Options

White Marble with veins

This style of marble is often considered “traditional” and luxurious. 

It’s “base” is white with veining usually neutral in color: greys, taupes, tans, etc, and can go with about any type of home design or style, making it a marble style that many fall in love with! 

Marble countertop and sink white carrara marble with gray green cabinets luxury kitchen
Better Homes & Gardens
Montclair White Marble countertop in white luxury kitchen
Randi Garrett Design
White Carrara Marble countertop, floor and backsplash in luxury master suite bathroom
White Carrara Marble countertop, floor and backsplash in luxury master suite bathroom.
Luxury white kitchen with white marble countertop and backsplash using checkered flooring marble tile and custom polished hood
Home Bunch

White Marble with colored veins

These marble countertop styles still have a white base, but their veining has hues of color, lending them to a different design and style feel.

Stunning and unique, you will rarely find two slab stones of marble alike. If you love having something different than everyone else, consider a marble like these!

Modern white marble countertops with brown and grey veining add warmth to this sleek kitchen design. Dark green shaker cabinets with brass accents keep this kitchen trending.
Marble Countertops & Backsplash via Pinterest
Pink hued marble make a stunning countertop, sink and backsplash in this modern kitchen. Brushed chrome faucets, open shelving and dark navy cabinetry / joinery complete the luxurious design.
Pink Hued Marble ~ Design & photo credit to Elizabeth Roberts Design via Remodelista
Calacatta Gold Marble countertops and backsplash bring a warm color palette into this modern kitchen. Black lower cabinets and open shelving create a balance in this kitchen design.
Calacatta Gold Marble via Domino.com photo credit Athena Calderone Of Eyeswoon

Colored marble styles

The Earth is the molder of marble and thus it can come in so many colors and variations of colors. It’d be almost impossible to document them all. 

Below are just a few examples of marble styles that have a colored “base”. These fabulous examples could be just what would set your space apart from the norm!

Will you fall in love with one of these marble styles?!

A stunning example of a greenish blue marble and how marble can come in a variety of colors for every design and style need. A thick edge also leads to a luxury look in this design.
Green and blue marble slab via Domino.com // design Tali Roth photo credit Nick Glimenakis
Black Marble countertop and sink in white French Country Luxury Kitchen with all white island
via RemingtonAvenue.com

when i first started my countertop love affair...

… I was certain I would use brown fantasy on my island, I had fallen in love with this style. Alas, Mark was not okay with having marble as our island stone, so my eyes had to turn to other stones. 

I think now that we have natural stones in our home, I’m pretty sure Mark wouldn’t be as afraid of marble as what he once was…well, I’ll keep telling myself that anyway!

Brown Fantasy Marble leather finish slab
Brown Fantasy Marble

Marble Stairs

I just had to throw in a picture of this Panda White Marble staircase!! Isn’t marble amazing?!

Even if this doesn’t fit your style, you can’t deny how much vision, creativity and talent it took to construct this staircase! People amaze me at what they can create with natural elements and vision!

A Panda White Marble open tread staircase, creates a stunning show stopper in this modern home. Complete with metal and wood railing, this is an amazing design feature.
Panda White Marble staircase via ckstones.com

So, did you fall in love with one of these 10 marble styles?!

I did!!!

Make sure to follow me on Pinterest where I have even more countertop styles & ideas!

Marble Guide with styles that will inspire your design and fall in love with. White marble with dark grey veining with a small yogurt bowl with blackberries on top. Complimenting periwinkle colors to highlight the text of the blog article. What are the pros and cons to marble? What style options are there? Look through these marble examples to get ideas and information on marble.
10 Marble Styles you will love. Find you perfect marble design for your new home or remodel project with these examples of different types of marble. White carrera marble used for countertop and backsplash against olive green cabinets with a large turquoise 10 overlay on top of pin along with black text "marble styles you will love"
10 Marble styes you will fall in love with! Here's a post showing how marble countertops can be used to create different designs and styles for your home. White marble with taupe veins is background to a black circle with text of blog post in it. Top ten styles for marble countertops

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