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dewalt cord and cordless vacuum for easy use with battery or plugin to clean your home garage and car

A Favorite Cleaning Tool

Filed in My Favorites, My Favorites, Tools — August 1, 2019

I found a favorite cleaning tool

and I want to share it with you!!

every house & garage needs one of these!!

dewalt cord and cordless vacuum for easy use with battery or plugin to clean your home garage and car

The Dewalt Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum has quickly become a favorite for me.

This was one of those purchases where it was a gift for Mark, and I’ve ended up using it probably more than he has! It’s just so handy I can’t help myself.

I figure it’s just fine that I use it, it’s for the good of the house right?! Haha!!

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What i love about it.

How I use it

We used this little vac every night after workers would leave the house. We tried to keep things picked up and clean, and this shop vac was so helpful doing this because it was so handy!

We keep this Dewalt guy in the garage and use it to quickly clean out our vehicles, which is way easier than lugging out the huge shop vac! 

I’ll also bring it into the house for a quick cleaning of the staircases. Sometimes I find it quicker to just vacuum the stairs instead of sweeping them.

The angled attachment head also works great for a quick vacuuming of my baseboards. Just zip zip zip along the tops and it sucks up the dust for a quick cleaning. 

Our wood doors throughout the house are 3-paneled, so naturally dust collects on the horizontal boards. Again, if I don’t have time to wipe down everything, I’ll just grab the Dewalt vac and zip along those doors to suck up the dust. 

Like I said, it’s quickly becoming a favorite in our house!! 

add some convenience to your home.

Give this handy dewalt a try!

Let me know!

I love finding useful cleaning tools! Let me know your favorite so I can check it out!Comment below or send me a message on Instagram or Facebook!


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